Eilish Kelly

B.A; H.Dip; Dip.Soc.Eth; Dip.Community Arts/Community Development; ASIACT/TASIACT

As a Community Artist for almost 20 years (chiefly using drama) I have worked with groups in communities and organisations. While fully aware of the power of creative methods in collective action and renewal, I also became conscious of the limitations of this approach in relation to the individual. It is my belief that we can only truly contribute to the community or group when we know who we are as individuals. In addition, to become unique individuals, I believe the arts are a key component.

The image in the arts is what has always attracted me - whether in drama, dance, painting or colour. In exploring the individual, as opposed to the group, this led me into Art Therapy, Dream Analysis and Personality types - all of which are related to the image. And what makes the image is Colour. Aura-Soma Colour´┐Ż brings all of these together for me in a process I call Inner Personalities - Outer Communities. The emphasis in my work now is on both the individual and the individual in a group context. I therefore continue to work with groups but now also work on a one-to-one with individuals.

I give workshops countrywide on all of the above in addition to teaching Aura-Soma, taking part in Mind, Body, Spirit Events and lecturing to extern Counselling and Psychology courses run by Maynooth College.