Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

"You are the colours you choose"

Aura-Soma is especially suited to those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and who wish to develop themselves. Nobody nows you better than yourself. During a consultation session, lasting up to an hour and a half, you choose your favourites from more than 116 coloured bottles. Your colour choices enable you to gain your own insights into your current situation, the larger pattern of your life and the colours you need. Your gifts, challenges and opportunities are explored. What do you need to overcome so that your gifts can come through?

Aura-Soma is not a therapy in the traditional sense since it makes no claims to heal medical conditions. Aura-Soma is about what is right with you, not what is wrong with you. It supports you to come to a greater ease within yourself.

The cost of an Aura-Soma consultation is 70.00eu.

Consultations for the following are also available:

  • The Tree of Life & Aura-Soma
  • The Yogic View & Aura-Soma
  • Numerology & Aura-Soma
  • Synergy (involving 2 or more people and their interrelationships) & Aura-Soma

The cost is for these is 100eu.