We are driven by forces beneath the surface of our conscious mind of which we are usually unaware. This part of the psyche is not dominated by language or reason but by colour, archetypes, images, symbols, myths and legends. If we are unaware of this we can be driven to live out patterns of behaviour which unconsciously dominate us and can lead us into destructive behaviours eg compulsions and addictions.

We can become aware of this hidden underlying stream through Colour, Art Therapy and Dreams. Working with these is a powerful way of entering into the unconscious. In using art materials we switch off our brains and allow our hands to intuitively lead us to the core issues. Them we can begin to try and resolve what we find there.

This course is an introduction and is intended to be a very active approach to the issues of the participants. Each course commences with choosing colour. In doing this the participants are laying out the basic framework and foundation of their underlying stream. The intervening weeks work out the relationships with the core issues as they are experienced and confronted in daily life. The course is experiential in approach, following the path as suggested by the emerging contents of the participants. The course also ends with choosing colour - thus getting a sense of what has unfolded and what progress has been made in between.

The course is influenced by the work of the great Swiss Psychoanalyst C. G. Jung and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. The latter arises from training certified by ASIACT in the UK which is an educational trust dedicated to colour and research in colour and is a member of the International Association of Colour.

All materials are included. No experience is necessary.